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Transforming the Lifestyle of a Chef

Allen Campbell is widely known as a leader in the sports nutrition world. Through his culinary acumen, various publications, speaking engagements, consulting, and highly publicized work with athletes, actors and entertainers, he has revolutionized traditional culinary artistry by maximizing health benefits and sustainable practices.

Allen’s culinary education began at the age of 14 in the Boston suburbs. After 20+ years in the hospitality industry, he earned his stripes, crafted his own culinary style, and sought out a deeper meaning of the traditional “chef” position. Then, the lifestyle itself nearly ended his career. Instead of burning out, Allen woke up, made some radical changes, and began to morph into his calling. And today, Allen is all about one thing – cooking with health as THE priority, period!

His efforts locally and nationally, are part of much larger social efforts to bridge the gap between healthcare and the food industry. While sustainable, healthy foods are gaining more and more traction among consumers, the challenge is to keep this momentum going so that more Americans will benefit. Allen is the owner of AC Inc, an organic food and lifestyle brand with a focus on personalized nutrition. AC Kitchen and AC Foodservice are on a mission to continue the creation of delicious, healthful foods that do not sacrifice the integrity, flavor, or traditions of our cultures, and cuisines.

Allen’s work can be found in The Game of Eating Smart, as well as the TB12 Method and the TB12 Nutrition Manual. His home base is Boston.

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