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AC Foodservice is bringing premium, organic food concepts to the workplace. 

Founded in the belief that food is medicine as much as it’s one of life’s most pleasurable experiences, we are the sustainable solution needed to fuel America’s workforce.

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We are a chef-owned and operated food company that is on a mission to improve human health and overall quality of life through incredibly delicious, intuitive concepts and experiences. We focus on quality, organic whole foods and create all our recipes from scratch. Supporting local farms while building relationships with local vendors are some of the ways we can source nutrient-dense, organic ingredients year-round.


Implementing sustainable practices including composting, scratch cooking our recipes, cross-utilizing ingredients to minimize waste, and educating our employees on the importance of our mission are some of the ways we are contributing to a healthy ecosystem.

Chef Allen plans to revolutionize the corporate food industry. As an arm to AC Kitchen, Inc, our foodservice division is ready to raise the bar and deliver a high level of quality, organic food concepts to the backbone of America, our workforce.


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