Nutrition-forward to me means eating seasonally according to what is best for our health and the health of the soil that we so heavily depend on. To sustain a biodiverse, nutrient-rich environment that will produce healthy, nourishing vegetables year after year, we have to consider integrating animals into our gardens, farmlands and overall food choices. […]


We think Valentine’s Day, we think heart-shaped boxes filled with… Yes, it’s chocolate… … but is this really the best food for the love holiday?  The paradigm of chocolate as an aphrodisiac has been long perpetuated, dating all the way back to the ancient Mayans who believed cocoa to be of divine origin (it’s not, […]

Sleep, Performance, Coffee and… Psilocybin??

The best part of waking up… …was mediocre drip coffee and people were plenty satisfied. These days, people are adding everything from massive amounts of fat to CBD oil and psilocybin. Yes, microdosing psychedelics are now legal in one state here in the US and coffee makers are brewing up some magical morning brew said to […]

Super Bowl LII and Game-winning Recipes

Yet again, the Pats are onto the Super Bowl! It’s absolutely incredible to see them here again for the third time since I moved back to Boston in 2013! The third. Numero tres. Nummer drei. Namba tatu.(that last one is swahili, just in case) This is a historical and monumental time for us New England natives […]

Don’t Get Distracted, Just Eat Whole Foods

IT”S NOT A DIET, IT”S A LIFESTYLE. By now, my “progressive modern” philosophy of eating and cooking primarily plant based has an unshakable foundation. This popular way of life is dynamic,  constantly evolving, eco friendly, proven to cure and prevent diseases, and more! Eating whole foods is not about the distractions that we encounter along the […]

Not-So-Blue Winter After All (recipe follows)

Unexpectedly moving back to Boston, abruptly for a job, after living a life full of sunshine, Crossfit and daily conversations about health and wellness on Miami Beach for the last half decade has been quite the culture shock. I grew up in this season changing climate, never really adjusting and feeling the gloom as I morphed into […]

Conscious Bite Out+Superfoods=No Strings Message About Dining Out

Having one of the most amazing, stressful, labor intensive, exciting weeks of my life this past week, I quiet myself, regroup and get even more clarity about the message of a plant based lifestyle I am so eager to share. First though, I get the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams as a “progressive […]

2012… Apocalypse or Shift in Conciousness?

 For some of us, the anticipation of what is to come in 2012 is like waiting for test results at a clinic after spring break. It is one of many dates set prior in history predicting a plague or the “return of Christ during The Rapture” or a catastrophic disaster that will wipe out our […]

My Journey to SoCal: 10 Miles of Tough Mudder and the L.A. Food Scene

There has always been a west coast/east coast beef whether it’s among rappers or rival sports teams. “Our loud, closed-minded edgy New England rapport is better than your hemp growing, generic tree hugger lifestyle!” Growing up, I was always flaunting how proud I was of my heritage and my Bostonian Scotch/Irish roots, and with that […]